Despite her self-deprecating blog, Leandra Medine not only prompted me to create my own blog but her innovative wording has infiltrated my personal vocabulary. She started the hilarious and witty blog called, The Man Repeller, crafted in a way that pokes fun at herself while acknowledging the fact that she gets no Alexander Wang because she is betrothed to the world of fashion. NOTE: All who identify as a fashionista must recognize that your style repels bone. Just saying. So to reference Miss Medine’s comedic take on fashion, I basically man repel on the daily. BUT(t), there’s an on and off switch to my bone-offense. When I’m not casually repelling,  I’m milkshaking.

-verb (used with body)
Dressing oneself in a way as to sexually entice members of the opposite sex.


It is important to differentiate milkshake from trash…

(NOTE: Herve Leger will forever milkshake the fashion world.)




We may dress for fashion with the necessary confidence to man-repel our days, but you do have a switch. Milkshake it.

\”Milkshake by Kelis\”



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I get denim…I understand its relevance… But howwww many girls do you see rocking the exacttttt same pair you are? wah wahh wahhhhhh EVERY GIRL! Pawn lifestyle aint no lifeSTYLEe, ya digg???

It was right around the time that I was ridding my closet of its lame generic garb and began free-flowing my shopping spreez that my love for the tr(WOW)zer blossomed into my personal lifeSTYLEe.

Jeans have become so predictable that they’re basically boring now. Running late? Why not substitute your go-to denim skinnies for a pair of tr(WOW)zers? With that slight deviation from that same vanilla soul next to you, your style will be rocking to it’s own beat.

Legendary fashion source,, has created a pant lo0okbook that details the must-have bottoms for your spring steez:

Balmain breeds the kewlest kids on the block…

Casual cool? Swoop up this Dsquared look:

Note denim blouse: you can still be that blue jean babyyy in a refreshing, more unpredictable way.

Clean and simple? Neutrals. Period.

Kewlest chik at the party? Haider Ackermann slays souls with this confident number:

Vintage verdict? Damn, Jason Wu…just, damn.

OMCan we just all tip our hat to J.Crew for this monochromatic STEAL? well, done J.Crew…wellllll done.

Consider mind…BLOWN. The Hipster Nation has revolutionized Michael Kors. True Life: Michael Kors does Rag and Bone.

You know what to do.

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As the staunch fashionista that has developed of me, I have made an unfortunate disregard for beauty and have thus become completely and utterly inept in the world of makeup. Let me just completely bypass the serious obstacle of the “smokey-effect” and pull the bus into the cat-eye parking lot…fail. OCD tendencies with the most sincere desire to illustrate symmetry leaves me in the gulf of unmitigated failings.

HOWEVER, before you skip the beauty chapter in your monthly issue of it’salifeSTYLEe‘s bible, Harper’s BAZAAR magazine, back the bus up and take serious regard for the STATEMENT LIP. There’s no need to enter that eye-makeup warfare with your remover-soaked Q-tip: keep it simple, stupid!

The only artillery you need for statement makeup is your LIP-LINER and LIPSTICK!

BAMMM! Clean-faced beauties with snow white skin and light eyes can make the ultimate statement this winter with a true red lip. Makeup legend, Bobbi Brown, suggests finding a tone one or two shades darker than your natural lip color.

BOOOOM! If you’re like me and have more of a darker complexion, look for that of a plum shade like the one Chanel Iman is so effortlessly rocking.

BEAUTY TIP: smear the lipstick evenly onto your lips and then utilize your lip-liner POST lipstick to shade from the center of the lip out to the corners. For a more distinct color, use a lip-liner that matches the shade of the chosen lipstick. For a more discreet statement, opt for a neutral lip-liner to tone down the color tint.

Everything else on your face should be clean and simple, so why not have fun on this adventure?! Wear it with CONFIDENCE…no one finds insecurity to be an attractive quality.

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Your father has been wearing them forever. My twin Your brother actually puts pennies in his pairs. The hipster nation has revitalized the look. I’m talking about the MANshoe. Whether it be the loafer or the oxford, these shoes best be accenting your wardrobe south of your ankles. (SATC allusion, do you miIind?!)

Ines Oxford

Take note of the Ines Oxford. He’s 2kewl4skewl and sending out no-lace vibes. (Color palette entry coming soon to illustrate just HOWWWW amazing the neutral shade really is.)

Rollerball Spikes Flat

Yes, these are the most badass loafers that you will die over and obvs they’re your favorite red-soled friends, Christian and Louboutin. Rock them with flirt for the contrast, or accent your leather with even more ‘tude.

Agyness Deyn does it so casually…because she can.

The most unexpected combo reflects an innovative mind. Wear your personality. It’s a lifeSTYLEe.

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