Your father has been wearing them forever. My twin Your brother actually puts pennies in his pairs. The hipster nation has revitalized the look. I’m talking about the MANshoe. Whether it be the loafer or the oxford, these shoes best be accenting your wardrobe south of your ankles. (SATC allusion, do you miIind?!)

Ines Oxford

Take note of the Ines Oxford. He’s 2kewl4skewl and sending out no-lace vibes. (Color palette entry coming soon to illustrate just HOWWWW amazing the neutral shade really is.)

Rollerball Spikes Flat

Yes, these are the most badass loafers that you will die over and obvs they’re your favorite red-soled friends, Christian and Louboutin. Rock them with flirt for the contrast, or accent your leather with even more ‘tude.

Agyness Deyn does it so casually…because she can.

The most unexpected combo reflects an innovative mind. Wear your personality. It’s a lifeSTYLEe.

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